Need A New Approach To Trading?

Learn from my insider knowledge and learn strategies that the pros use

Learn why Technical Analysis is only a small piece of the puzzle

Learn how to tip the scales in your favor from a former market maker

Learn what really makes a trade a 'good' trade

What's Included?

It includes 3 Goodies:

  • WEEK AHEAD - Gameplan for the Week

Every Sunday evening I send out a spreadsheet outling the trades that I am looking at for myself. I also include a 15 to 20 minute video explaining each trade. I am a full-time professional trader, so I put a lot of time and though into this plan.

  • DAILY MEMBER VIDEO - Daily Commentary on the Markets 

This is where I’ll provide updates on the 'Gameplan' as well as provide other insights into what's happening and what my experience tells me the impacts on the markets will be.


We offer discounts on all workshops for our members. Most of the time these discounts can make up for the cost of the membership.

What's The Catch?

There isn’t one. You don't have to submit a credit card. There is no subscription to cancel. If you don't like the experience, the you just walk away at the end of the week.

Why Won't You Enjoy The Free Week?

This offer isn’t for everyone. If you are just looking some magic tools that does all the work for you then you probably won't like this. If you think you already 'know' how to trade the right way then this will probably be a waste of your time.

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